Hi I’m Karen Chapman, Broker, UR Home Realty in Flagstaff, Arizona.  I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting.  After working in accounting for most of my life, I turned to Real Estate for a more exciting career.  I specialize in residential sales, and property management for both long term and short term rentals.

If you own a second home in Northern Arizona, that you would like to rent out as a long term rental or a vacation rental for the short term, I can take care of that for you.  If you don’t use your home as often as you thought you would, or have moved away from the area, why not make some extra money off of it.  I can manage your property as a long term rental and bring in steady income for you with a very small management fee.  My services include, screening potential tenants with both credit and background checks, writing the lease, collecting monthly rent from the tenant, checking on your home monthly, and taking care of any scheduled or unscheduled maintenance.  I have dependable people who can perform maintenance on your home.  The cost of which is deducted from your rents.  You will receive a monthly statement and check.

If you frequently use your home in Northern Arizona, than vaction rental may be mre suited to your needs.  I provide all linens, paper & cleaning products for the guests, schedule cleaning after each guest, perform an inspection after each useage.  Cleasning fees are collected from the guests and I pay for the credit card fees.  Your home is checked weekly.  All of this is provided for a low percentage on gross rental amount.  There is never a charge for you to use your home, either for yourself, friends, family or other rentals that you may have.







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